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No Local Identity Card will be entertained in giving a room to the guest, even though the OTA might have generated and booked the room and this the OTA knows that we have mentioned while signing yearly contract with them, that no local ID’s will be entertained by our hotel.
We do not entertain any kind of pets in our rooms and premises.
Incase the guest is a single lady, we request you to ask for safer room which are next to our reception on the third floor. 
We do not entertain Food Delivery Personel to enter our hotel corridors, on account of safety to our checked in guests. The guest is requested to take the lift to the ground floor and collect his food delivery which is near the Security Desk.
No gambling, drugs and substances will be allowed in our rooms and premises, as this is against Indian law. Not to forget any illegal activity will not be entertained, which is against Indian Law, in our rooms and our premises.
No male or males are allowed in a single Lady’s room or rooms. The male guest can talk to the lady in a public area like the reception or pub. Viz Similarly no woman or women can enter a single male or males room.
Guests are requested not to abuse the hotel staff in any manner.
Guests are requested to locate and familiarize themselves with fire exits from their rooms, which will come handy in case of an emergency.
The Hotel reserves all rights of admission, to allow person or persons and this will be its sole prerogative.
The guest is requested that no movalble hotel items, to be taken away or removed from the room/rooms, these items could be T.V and linen such as bath Towel. Incase it is found missing after through investigation and subsequent proving, that the guest has removed a certain item, than the same cost will be recovered from him or he will be requested to place it back or return it.
Clothes Ironing will be at the sole risk of the guest as the hotel does not take responsibility for any damages to the same. This is also because the hotel has allowed its house keeping boys to attend to such service directly and collect what ever charges from the guest directly. 

       Guests are requested to move about the public areas of the hotel in proper and decent attire, be it day or night.

The hotel allows a child whose age is upto 6 years old, to stay for free, whereby using the the existing beds. A child above the age of 6 years, will be considered as an adult and will require to purchase an extra bed or another single occupancy room can be purchased if available.

The Guest with a confirmed booking, has to Check-in as per the time and date, reflecting on his booking. If any delays are occurring to check-in by the guest who is in need of the room and the guest with confirmed  booking cannot be alloted a room to the delayed Guest.

As this hotel is a complex with other tenants in this building, the Guests are requested to pay room rent in advance, for the forward days of the booking of their stay in this hotel. The Guest is requested to pay advance before he checks- in to this hotel.

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